Empowering maritime business

"With the reliable service, efficient operational support and proactive
monitoring ensuring zero downtime, we are very happy to partner with
Singtel and Deckhouse as our preferred and trusted provider in Maritime
Communications Services.”

Worldwide bulk shipping, fleet owner and fleet management service provider

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Singtel wins Communications at Sea Award

Singtel Satellite was awarded the Communications at Sea Award at the
Seatrade Maritime Awards Asia 2018 held at The Marina Bay Sands on 25 April.

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Maritime Satellite Communications
and ICT Solutions

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First Fleet Xpress Installation
For Hyproc Sc’s Tanker Fleet

We are happy to work with a leading and trusted provider,
Singtel, who has provided a seamless implementation of Fleet Xpress for our vessel,
as well as excellent customer support and experience.

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Leading Satellite Provider
in Asia Pacific

More than 35 years of transforming communication needs

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Meeting your needs
anytime, anywhere

Delivering unrivalled satellite solutions in Asia, Middle East and Africa

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The Key To Building an Ecosystem
Supported By Excellence

“Singtel Satellite solutions is one of our foremost communication systems.
I don’t think we can find a better solution to support our research work.
It is strategic and key to our effectiveness, as our researchers strive
to enhance our understanding of earthquake mechanisms day by day.”
- Dr Banerjee, Technical Director, EOS

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