Cruise ship operators require a wide range of digital technology ranging from passenger entertainment services to sharing of real-time business critical information between ship and shore optimal vessel operation.

Broadband services at sea allow passengers to remain connected with their friends and family onshore through web surfing, chat and email. Point of Sales transaction data can also be quickly transmitted to the cruise operator’s shore office for immediate processing and revenue accounting. With Singtel, all these needs are fully managed with our wide range of broadband and ICT solutions.

Your business needs

  • Ensuring passenger and crew safety with real time tracking and reporting of vessel routes and schedules to shore office
  • Tracking and monitoring individual vessel operation with an Integrated Network Management System
  • Ensuring secured internet access with firewall protection for confidential information transfer
  • Supporting a variety of online passenger entertainment services

Singtel offers the Inmarsat Fleetmediawhich ensures a minimal capital outlay for the terminal and flexible monthly fee which is affordable and well suited for use by your vessels’ captains and crew.

Singtel All-In-One (AIO) Connect service which consists of a pre-paid system suitable for ship owners to provide Internet service to passengers.