Singtel’s Mobile Video Surveillance solution is optimised for use over satellite connectivity with data transmission as low as 5kbps; the highest compression in the market. It utilises the highest level of AES256 encryption and can be used with FleetBroadband and maritime VSAT services. Seamless auto switchover between satellite broadband and 3G/4G services ensures continuous monitoring and cost savings when ships are in coastal waters. Shipping companies are able to easily access video footages from their computers or on the go using their smart devices (e.g. IOS and Android mobile and tablet devices).

Benefits and Features

  • As low as 5kbps throughput
  • High resolution enhancement (still image) for clear view of any chosen area of footage
  • Multicast to support unlimited concurrent viewing
  • Access videos over smart devices (e.g. IOS and Android mobile and tablet devices)
  • High disk storage of DVR up to 500GB that stores approximately 1 month footage on 4 CIF quality, with frame rate of 5 FPS (frame per second) base on 4 cameras
  • Secured footage encrypted with AES256
  • Video Surveillance system is compatible with most analogue camera brands such as Honeywell, Pelco and Wonwoo