FleetBroadband by Singtel is a maritime communications service from Inmarsat which provides a cost-effective broadband high speed data and voice, simultaneously, through a compact antenna on a global basis.

Based on 3G standards, you can send and receive email with large file attachments, surf the web, run complex data applications and make voice calls at the same time.

Singtel designs a full range of value-added Maritime ICT solutions around Inmarsat FleetBroadband services. Maritime ICT solutions include:

  • Commtroller which enables our customers to set a cap limit to their monthly usage to curb satellite communication costs. Customer has an option to either receive an alert or cease traffic if the cap limit is reached.
  • MailConnect email solution suited for FleetBroadband service with email archives and other email features.
  • All-in-One Connect solution that could split official and crew usage and enables our customer to provide crew with voice, email and data services. Companies could even recover satellite communication costs incurred by crew.

Singtel also has the ability to bundle other shipboard Maritime services like ECDIS and Video Surveillance. With this, Singtel is able to provide a truly one-stop solution for our customer.

Benefits and Features

  • Cost Effective: Terminals are competitively priced with a choice of airtime pricing packages to best suit your customer’s communication needs
  • Complete Security: Supports private networks, such as VPN
  • Superior Performance: FleetBroadband provides the users with faster, more cost-effective access to data services. Its simultaneous voice and data capability means that the vessel’s operational systems can be running online while the users can access email, the internet, and make calls simultaneously all via a single terminal
  • Total Flexibility: Customers can choose from a wide range of FleetBroadband monthly plans to suit your satellite communication needs. They are: 25MB, 75MB, 250MB, 1GB, 4GB, 8GB, 20GB and 40GB
  • FleetBroadband by Singtel delivers a diverse range of applications to meet the “always on” voice and high speed data connectivity. Enhancing the traditional circuit-switched voice and data for legacy applications, it can be seamlessly integrated with your shore-based systems
  • Standard IP up to 432kbps via a secured local POP connects to Inmarsat HK Meet-Me-Point, over a shared channel, for email, internet & intranet access
  • Streaming IP –Guaranteed data rates on demand up to 256kbps via a secured local POP connects to Inmarsat HK Meet-Me-Point for live video/audio applications
  • Voice –High quality voice for bridge and crew communication (4kbps digital and 3.1 kHz audio)
  • ISDN –Supports ISDN at 64kbps for legacy applications
  • SMS –Send and receive text messages (up to 160 characters)

Fleet One Global

Your choice for basic data and voice, Fleet One Global provides basic satellite connectivity across the maritime market.

Designed for low data needs and with no restrictions on vessel size – fishing, merchant and leisure vessels can now enjoy a highly flexible and affordable way to access satellite voice and data services via Fleet One Global, powered by the world’s most advanced commercial global mobile satellite network.

Fleet One Global comes with a compact terminal designed for small vessels and a flexible money allowance plan for voice and/or data. It is ideal for maritime businesses with low data usage, which are looking for an alternative to older satellite communications services (E&E such as Mini-M) when their vessels move out of VHF or GSM coverage areas.

For Singtel’s partners, Fleet One Global is a great addition to the maritime broadband portfolio. Singtel offers competitive hardware and airtime pricing with both prepaid and postpaid options.

Benefits and Features

  • Low service and hardware cost to help you manage budget; one global rate for voice and data with prepaid and postpaid options
  • Activate or de-activate flexibly at any time — with no contract, early termination fees or penalty for re-activation
  • Compact terminal system suitable for small vessels like fishing boats and motorboats
  • Easy to buy, install and run
  • Up to 100kbps Always-on IP data
  • ‘505’ safety service for direct emergency connection to a Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) in the event of bad weather or crisis


Piracy has a direct economic impact in terms of fraud, stolen cargos, delayed trips, endangering crew safety and could undermine a maritime state’s trading ability. With the scourge of piracy, you need to equip your fleet with robust and reliable communication tools to enhance the safety of your crew and assets. Singtel offers anti-piracy solution – ASE Citadel, a specially designed solution that enables secure voice, SMS data, and GPS position communications when an emergency situation arises at sea, such as being threatened by piracy, terrorist act, antagonistic threats or political unrest.

Benefits and Features

  • Simple installation requires only a single cable (up to 100 meters) on the ship
  • Small profile/hidden solution with robust, covert mounting
  • Automatic emergency GPS reporting from ship on periodic basis
  • Remote polling (secured) for position
  • Able to withstand higher heat by mounting by the funnel
  • SIM card is mounted on the antenna so that antenna can continue to transmit vessel
  • location.
  • 72 Hour Battery Backup

Standard packages include ASE Citadel Kit