Iridium OpenPort

The Iridium OpenPort (IOP) service gives you exceptional performance, durability and value anywhere out at sea, plus the peace of mind that comes with the five year limited warranty and Iridium Pilot global service program (GSP).

Engineered and built to perform in the toughest conditions, the Iridium OpenPort is suitable for email, web browsing or social media and delivers flexible and highly reliable data services at a value price. You can choose from a range of configurable data rates to meet your specific requirements.

Benefits and Features

  • 3 independent voice lines
    The Pilot Below Deck Equipment contains three Rj11 jacks, enabling users to make up to 3 simultaneous voice calls, even during data transmission. Crew calls are easily separated from ships’ business calls for simplified accounting. These three independent phone lines increase crew retention by helping you keep the crew happy. There’s less need for crew members to queue for calling their friends and family. Affordable prepaid options allow calling even at peak times.
  • Low cost airtime
    As a packet switched service, the Iridium OpenPort service substantially reduces the maritime communications costs compared to circuit switch service. And it offers a wide range of customisable voice and data plans allowing you to choose a plan that suits your needs and budget.
  • High reliability and availability
    The unique iridium constellation of 66 cross-linked low earth orbit (LEO) satellites provides pole-to-pole, truly global coverage and inherent advantages over GEO satellite constellations, delivering robust communications performance. As the Iridium OpenPort service is not affected by extreme weather, many customers with mission-critical communications requirements rely on Iridium OpenPort to back up other platforms.
  • Global Service Program (includes 5 years limited warranty)
    Available to all Iridium Pilot maritime customers, Iridium’s Global Service Program provides exceptional value and unparalleled peace of mind. It includes an industry-leading 5 year manufacturer limited warranty and access to round-the-clock shipboard services at over 60 ports worldwide from highly trained and experienced maintenance technicians. The program keeps maritime communications of ships in shape at all times.