Maritime VSAT (MVSAT) is a high-speed, two-way IP broadband ship-to-shore satellite telecommunications service. With a high bandwidth speed of up to 4Mbps for C-band and Ku-band and 50mbps for HTS Ka-band, it has the capability to provide basic satcom services like voice, fax, email, video conferencing and Maritime ICT solutions such as video surveillance, navigation, ECDIS Electronic Charts downloads etc.

Singtel offers a wide range of MVSAT services from traditional C-band to Ku-band and now the HTS Ka-band. We offer both regional to global coverages coupled with our shared or dedicated network that caters to your needs.

Here’s a quick summary of the MVSAT services and applications it can support:

C-band Ku-band Ka-band
Antenna Size 1.5m-2.4m 0.6m-1.8m 0.6m-1.0m
Frequency 3-6 Ghz 11-14 GHz 17-19 GHz
Data Rate Up to 4Mbps Up to 4Mbps Up to 50Mbps
Beam Coverage Regional-Global Coastal, near global Global
Main Application Traditional choice for large vessels Emerging choice for small to medium vessels High speed broadband for onboard applications
Shortcomings Large antenna and weaker coverage at the edge vs Ku-band Smaller footprint but could be overlapped to be near global More susceptible to rain fade

Global and Regional MVSAT

Seamless Connectivity

  • Global and Regional Coverage in C and Ku network
  • High Speed Broadband supports data intensive application e.g. video


  • Singtel’s award-winning 1.5 metre C-band stabilised antenna benefits customers with limited onboard space

Cost Savings

  • A flat fee with unlimited MVSAT usage offers significant savings in communication costs

Value Added Solutions

  • By integrate with Singtel MPLS delivers uninterrupted secure services that protects sensitive information
  • Enabling protection against cyber-attacks with Singtel managed security services