In today’s dynamic business environment where there is no room for error or delays, what you need is an integrated fault detection, reporting, monitoring and management system that will proactively give you the visibility you need to troubleshoot, resolve issues and regain control – within the shortest time possible.

Singtel’s Integrated Network Management System (iNMS) is an integrated fault detection, monitoring, management and reporting system that provides connectivity and position of vessels and sites.

The System provides a single point of access to monitor your network, device and fleet, while offering real-time device status updates via email and SMS. The on-demand portal comprises of an intelligent dashboard which identifies and prioritises real-time connectivity issues for quicker problem resolution. iNMS includes comprehensive capabilities ranging from fault detection and notification, performance monitoring, spectrum analysis, to service level management to give you the true visibility you require.

Benefits and Features

  • Fault Detection, Notification and Management
    Provides real-time alert and notification of connectivity, location and data trend occurrence in the network via email and SMS all at a glance.
    • Link Utilisation: Collection and display of data usage trends and performance data
    • Device Health: Display device up-time, CPU resource, memory usage
    • Link Status: Display link availability based on signal level
    • Traffic Polling: Display of traffic profiles for UDP / TCP / HTTP or higher layer traffic in terms of data usage
    • Alerts: Provide notification via email or SMS
  • Performance Monitoring, Analysis, Reporting and Management
    Provide customisable capabilities to gather, analyse and report network’s performance and health
  • Google Maps
    • Displays the location of land sites and ships
    • Support multi-level hierarchical views based on Singtel / Reseller / Customer and satellite coverage overlay on the map (Can be turned on or off based on user preference)
  • Weather Information
    Provide weather information at vessel or city location, including temperature, humidity and wind speed
  • Vessel Trace
    Show ship routes based on last day / week / month
  • Service Level Management
    Provide periodic reports with detailed information on network’s performance and health
  • SLA Report
    Configure and display performance data from tracked devices in PDF format
  • Enhance Customer Experience
    Intelligent iNMS dashboard identifies and prioritises connectivity problems for quicker troubleshooting and rectification, enabled by intuitive user interface for ease of use. User defined parameters to monitor assets based on corporate needs.
  • Real-Time Visibility
    Get instant updates of not just the position and connectivity status of your remote sites, but also your communications and network devices.
  • Increase Agility with Proactive Monitoring
    Enhance business agility with proactive monitoring via automated alerts and notifications pegged to user-defined performance thresholds
  • Ease of Management
    Speed up troubleshooting with a single, integrated network management system to monitor all IT and communication equipment and solutions. Ease IT management and optimise valuable IT resources to focus on higher-value functions
  • Driving Informed Decisions
    Quick access to bandwidth utilisation charts, trends and performance reports of your assets to be on top of operational expenditure for effective cost management