Electronic Chart Display & Information System (ECDIS)

Go paperless with Singtel Secure-ECDIS

The push for electronic chart navigation for vessels had never been stronger now that the IMO regulations compliance date is drawing nearer. To ensure a seamless transition from paper to digital chart navigation that improve productivity, customers like you will need to consider issues such as choice of ECDIS hardware, installation, training and safety, after-sales support and any hidden costs.

Singtel recognises these concerns and introduce our Singtel Secure-ECDIS. This is an all-inclusive package providing a one-stop solution for both electronic chart navigation service and satcom services. Combining ECDIS with Singtel’s satcom services like Fleetbroadband or Maritime VSAT would deliver operational efficiencies and cost savings, making it affordable by offering an amortisation scheme on the hardware that minimises your capital investments. In addition with our 24×7 operation supports, Singtel offers one-stop shop to support you for any after-sales support.

Benefits and Features

  • Secure-ECDIS: Type-approved firewall and anti-virus protector shield against virus attacks and ensure accurate chart transference with secure, dedicated line.
  • Bandwidth priority and management: Dedicated line provides 24×7 Internet access for mission-critical ECDIS. Integrated bandwidth management prioritises and provisions bandwidth during non-critical times.
  • Remote diagnostics and trouble-shooting: Shore-based diagnostics and trouble-shooting enable faster response and problem resolution at next port-of-call.
  • Redundancy: Choice of single or dual ECDIS systems ensures redundancy compliance.
  • Gain cost efficiencies via lease-to-own model with monthly recurring charges added onto Singtel’s satellite communication systems (eg. Maritime VSAT or FleetBroadband). This way, there is no upfront capital outlay and you can enjoy affordability and budgetary ease with amortisation across 24 months.
  • Enjoy one-stop convenience as Singtel acts as your single vendor for all satellite communication, ICT and ECDIS services. Electronic navigation charts are available as an add-on option.
  • Ensure no hidden costs with all-in-one package including ECDIS hardware and software, installation, warranty, support, training, supporting hardware and options.
  • Enhance operational efficiencies with faster chart updates via the satellite that streamlines workflow and eliminate manual updates.