AIO (All-In-One) SmartBox is an onboard centralised control box that allows Shore IT managers to take full control of the firewall settings remotely. You can now monitor the activities onboard and implement new IT policies from your land office. Seamlessly integrated with Singtel’s maritime broadband services, SmartBox is an access point between the IT systems onboard to the outside world.

There is a lack of IT expertise onboard vessels to manage the ship IT setup and as a result, ship board IT network is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and possible misuse by crew. Shore IT managers lack tools to help them monitor, configure and take control of IT networks onboard. Thus there is a need for effective combination of remote monitoring and satellite communications solutions that Singtel provides your business with IT services that ensure a peace of mind for shipping companies. With effective and ease of communication for both business and crew, you can achieve higher productivity and improve crew welfare.

Benefits and Features

For Business

  • Better cost management with control on traffic
  • Reduced communications cost through bandwidth sharing with crew usage
  • Better visibility of vessel through Vessel Positioning feature
  • Reduced cost in recruiting and training new staff with better crew welfare

For Shore Manager

  • Better control and ease of implementing IT policy for crew welfare
  • Better visibility of crew purchase history of prepaid data and voice vouchers
  • Improved operations efficiency through file sharing feature

For Captain

  • Easy administration of crew prepaid PINs and vouchers
  • Better control of crew access to Internet (time and volume based)

For Crew

  • Better Internet surfing experience with web caching
  • Cheaper voice calls
  • Better visibility of usage
  • Ability to Bring-Your-Own-Devices (BYOD)